Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What can Brown do for you?

Julianne (as you are aware) just had her 7th birthday. We have anxiously been awaiting the arrival of a birthday package from our family in Utah. It was supposed to arrive by Wednesday at the latest. By Friday, it was still a no show. As I check the mail on Friday we got a postcard from UPS stating that there was a parcel on hold at their facility addressed to Julianne that was undeliverable because "the address number is invalid/doesn't exist/" HMMMMMMMM. So UPS's solution is to mail a postcard to the same address on the package??????? I should have taped my conversation with UPS on the phone.

"Hi I just got a post card saying you have a package for me that you cannot deliver b/c the address is invalid"

UPS "Yes our driver attempted to deliver that package on Wednesday but there is no 5610 CaXXX."

Me "Did he actually drive on the street or did a computer determine that it did not exist?"

UPS "No ma'am, our driver actually attempted delivery."

Me "That is certainly odd, because although our home is fairly new, the street has been here for a long time and we are the first home past the older homes and the address is cemented into the front elevation in big black numbers. One would have to work very hard to miss it. In fact, I could email you a picture."

UPS "Oh no ma'am, that is not necessary. So you are telling me that you do in fact live at 5610 CaXXX? "

Me "Oh yes, we do. I am not trying to be harsh, but I would be little concerned about driver incompetency."

UPS "I am sorry ma'am but we will try to get this delivered to you as soon as possible. Do you have any other questions before I transfer you to our delivery dept.?"

Me "Yeah, just one. What does it say about your company that when you could not deliver the package you sent a postcard to the same address through the United States Postal Service . . . and they did find my house?"

UPS "(laughing) uh, yeah I guess we don't look so good?"

Me "Maybe next time when you get a package for me -- you could mail it?"

Oh life is funnier than fiction!
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Chris and Sally said...

That is hilarious! Next time I need to mail a package I defintely will not send it UPS.

Scott said...

Wow, that's pretty dang funny.