Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What was she thinking?

I bought a bunch of new t-shirts the other day-- nothing fancy, just the plain old standard t-shirt in a variety of colors. On Thursday, I wore the yellow one and noticed a small notch that had been cut into the sleeve. I was a little bummed, wondering what I had caught it on or wondering if it was like that when I bought it and just never noticed. Then on Saturday I was wearing a blue t-shirt for the first time and Trent pointed out an identical notched cut on the opposite sleeve. Now, I was really baffled. That night at dinner, Catherine looked at my sleeve and said, "Oh Mommy your sleeve is cut." Then she looked back at her food and started to grin and stifle her giggles. I looked at her and said,"Catherine, did you do this?" She kept looking straight at her food and said, "No o o o o o --- yes" I said incredulously, "Catherine, what were you thinking?????????" She replied, "I didn't do any of your pretty shirts."

We have now secured all manner of scissors in the house. I was lucky, she only got the 2 shirts and a ribbon belt. . . but still WHAT WAS SHE THINKING??????

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Carrie said...

I laughed right out loud in my office as I read this. Kids!!! Gotta love em!!