Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Hannah Montana cake!

Both Madelyn and Adam needed to go to bed early tonight (by 7:00) because they were so tired. So we play a little game. All of us get ready for bed and pretend to go to bed. As soon as they are asleep we get up . . . and it actually works! Madelyn just cannot settle down if she thinks anything is going on. But they were both asleep by about 7:05. Yeah! And then Catherine and Julianne helped me decorate the cake for Julianne's birthday party tomorrow! I think it turned out pretty good. I always have made the cakes myself and think they are quite tasty, but I was worried enough about the Hannah Montana theme that I at least inquired at HEB and in case you are wondering they do not make a Hannah Montana cake . . . yet. So here is our version. I think it looks like her logo pretty good (you can scroll down a few postings and see the actual logo). It is 2 layers of Chocolate with strawberry filling in the middle and chocolate buttercream frosting. I think it will be delicious!
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