Friday, June 22, 2007

Julianne as Hannah Montana

The party was a great success. The kids seemed to have a great time. The main activity was videoing each girl dressed as Hannah Montana lip syncing to one of her songs. I envisioned spectacular home made music videos with the girls dancing and singing and hamming it up for the camera. Boy was I wrong! There was lots of dancing and singing, but not in front of the camera -- always directly behind the camera. The actual videos proved quite boring, but I wish you could have seen all that went on behind the camera. Surprisingly one of the small activities proved the most interesting. I put out markers and paper on the table and invited them to write a fan letter to Hannah Montana and we would mail it. The girls were all over that. . . and they were lengthy and interesting letters too! Another activity was the "Miley" picture and the "Hannah" picture. Here is Julianne's! She is our big 7 year old! Don't forget to check out her Hannah Montana Cake I made!
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