Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Here we are at the second swim meet and first "real" meet (meaning we had an opponent). The girls were well prepared after the practice. Here at our team they have a special event for the young kids called "assisted swim". It is for those kids who are a little too scared to do it by themselves. Catherine did the assisted swim at the blue/ green meet and loved it! (However, she swam all by herself last year and this is a bit of a step backward). The funny thing is that when you swim in the assisted group they do not give you ribbons based on what place you come in, they just let you choose whichever color you want. Catherine chose pink (4th place) at the first meet and purple (8th place) at this meet. I think we can safely say she does not understand the competition side of swimming right now. Especially considering that at this meet she swam the whole length by herself (without the aid of her "assistant" in the lane with her) and took 1st place by a landslide! Needless to say, the coaches have informed her that her days of assisted swim are over.

Julianne swam freestyle in a relay as well as an individual event and also swam backstroke (a first for her). She did great! They are both really doing well.

Julianne and Catherine had it easy at the meet though because it was HOT! They at least got to get in and out of the pool whereas Madelyn, Adam, and I just sat in the heat and sweated! Trent was in Montreal and so I was going solo at the meet and put Adam in the backpack (which is cooler that carrying him). He fell asleep and I laid him in the shade. Madelyn's hair was just wet with sweat! Don't you all wish you could have been there?
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