Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where have I been?

Well. . . my hard drive crashed and I am without a computer, a new one has been ordered and hopefully I'll be back. I also have been in Utah for a quick weekend. Trent and I and Adam went to Salt Lake for Trent's grandpa's funeral. You can read his obituary here if you want. It was so nice to be with all our family for that. Since the funeral Trent and I have been reading his personal history -- we did not know he had written one -- it has been fascinating. There is just so much about people that you never know. We just wish we had read it before he was gone so we could ask him questions about it. We are so grateful that he wrote it -- so let this be a lesson to all of us -- keep a journal (or a blog) and write a personal history.

Some time when I actually have a few quiet moments of reflection I will try and write a little more about his Grandpa.

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