Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy 39th Birthday to me!

This is now my 8th anniversary of birthday blogging.  (Old ones linked to here)  I took a birthday photo on the front porch. (using the selfie stick I got at a white elephant christmas gift exchange).

IMG_6587 (1) photo IMG_65871_zpsf9b52339.jpg

I weigh 145.1 lbs-- I haven't changed height (and I've started checking -- I don't want osteoporosis to affect me!).

People ask me about New Year's resolutions and I don't usually make any, because it's hard to change behavior during a holiday break.  I make many birthday year resolutions because by January 7 things are back to normal.  I set MANY goals.  I NEVER even come close to doing them all, but I figure if I don't think big, what good is it.  Last year, I set out to improve my Spanish (I probably worked hard on it for 2 months and then got bored with it, but I still think I am better today than I was last year on my birthday).  I took voice lessons.  I sang the national anthem several times at local (very small) athletic events.

I learned 3 new classical songs on the piano.  I made it 3 months on blogging and then for the first time in 4 years I took a blogging break.  I used instagram to keep up with photos and printed chatbooks.  Instead of writing through a blog, I bought a bunch of journals that I have written in.  This year, I'm back to blogging (i just prefer typing).  I want to take guitar lessons and do more vocal things.  I want to learn 5 new pieces on the piano.  Last year I only read 5 books.  This year I want to read 25 books.  (so friend me on goodreads and give me some suggestions).  I want to learn better video editing skills.  I want to be able to do a handstand for 20 seconds.  I want to shoot 80% free throws (I'm nowhere close.)  I want to play hard and sleep well.  I want to enjoy being with my husband and kids.  Last year I finally was able to do a round off, back handspring, back flip in succession. (it's not pretty -- be warned)

I ran my 3rd half marathon.  I plan on doing another again this year.  I've tried to do an act of service every single day.  I've tried to keep up with old friends with greater purpose and make new friends.  I've tried to contribute to my community (coaching 2 seasons of softball and a season of basketball).  I've tried to be a better neighbor.  I try to say yes to my kids as often as I can.  I want my home filled with my kids and their friends and most holidays and weekends that is exactly what you'll find.  Lots of extra kids around.

I have failed at a lot of things too, but I just keep trying.

Honestly, I still feel like a kid.  I'd rather play dodgeball with my kids than sit and watch.  I'd rather shoot baskets than run on a treadmill.  I'd rather play softball than lift weights.  I'd rather draw, paint and write than do laundry.  And while I love to stay up late, I'd rather hit snooze at 5:30 than get out of bed.

I love podcasts (freakonomics, TED radio hour, feminist mormon housewives, mormon stories, radiowest, wait wait don't tell me).

I get through the laundry by binge watching netflix and hulu .

I cook all my meals for the week on Monday with Camille and really love to cook.

I feel like there is so much to learn.  I have goals about so many other things to.  I love getting older and seeing and experiencing all there is to offer.

I love watching my kids grow and learn.  Trent and I are at an exciting stage of parenting.  We can do so much with our kids now.  I'm excited to see them try new things.

I've been reminded again and again what a privilege it is to get older.  I love each gray hair and each new smile line.  The only alternative to aging is death.  I hope for so many things.  I'm grateful for my favorite personality trait that shapes my life --it's that I am always, always positive.  I swear it's like I have the "opposite" of depression.  I am happy all the time.  It's just how I am.

So here's to another year of crazy new things.

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Lorenzo said...

Awesome getting to know you and happy belated birthday. Loved the desire to shoot 80% free throws and learn spanish. I speak Spanish and French. We should converse during our guitar lessons.

See you, Tuesday!