Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I had my first guitar lesson

The thing about writing down your goals publicly is that you do indeed feel accountable to them.  Even if no one reads my blog.  So this past Saturday, the coach of the opposing team at Adam's basketball game was carrying a guitar out to his car following the game.  We chatted about the guitar and it turns out he teaches lessons.  Well, that is one easy way to find a guitar teacher.  I figured if I am gonna really do this I should just do it.  So I said, "I want to take guitar lessons!"

He called me back and today was my first lesson.  I really liked it.  I took my guitar in to get it re-strung and then even had to borrow a guitar from a friend so I could practice.  I almost bought a new guitar too at the guitar shop . . .  but then I figured I better make sure I stick to this for more than 2 months before buying another guitar.

So, facetime me for a rather unspectacular version of Horse with no name.

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