Monday, December 31, 2012

The New Year's Eve Fortune Cookie Game

I had taken my kids to grab some Chinese Food at Pei Wei on Saturday (the 29th) and my kids had the best time reading all the fortunes in the fortune cookies. I had to laugh at how much fun it was to see them each read their fortunes and at how most of the fortunes really didn't apply to any of them or they were so generic that they really didn't mean anything. My fortune read, "May all your fantasies come true!" I laughed at that but then laughed even more thinking about how much funnier that one would be if my Dad got it at a Chinese restaurant. I thought how fun it would be if to actually get a "personalized" fortune and right then I knew I had a fun activity to do with our family on New Year's Eve.

We distributed strips of paper and pens to everyone and I would call out a name and everyone would write a fortune for the coming year for that person. One of the kids would collect all the strips and we moved on to the next person. When we were done writing everyone got their bag of fortunes and read them aloud trying also to guess who wrote it.

It was a roaring success. I don't think we could have laughed harder. Here are some of the highlights. (I wish I could remember more . . . I should have saved the strips of paper).

for Tyler, "The road to success is paved with homework" and "You will win a state water polo championship!"

But the real highlight was watching my Dad read his fortunes. I even videoed it. It is very entertaining. The first video is his first 2 fortunes.

This second video he is reading a fortune and he is laughing so hard he is crying.

This 3rd video is the rest of his fortunes (except somehow I missed his reading mine or Sally's).

If you don't have time to watch the video's here are his fortunes.

from Amy "You will treat the whole family to a trip to Hawaii."

from Julianne "You will find a hair growing solution for your hair and grow hair on your head, finally."

from Shad, "Confucius says, Your athletes foot and jock itch will suddenly resolve."

from Tyler "Someone is speaking well of you."

from Trent "Marriage lets you annony one special person for the rest of your life."

from Carrie, "All your dreams of love will come true."

and I just rewrote my actual fortune, "May all your fantasies come true."

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