Friday, December 7, 2012

Dinner with old friends

When we moved to Southlake, we happened upon some friends whom we hadn't seen in over a decade. We had been in the same ward (Trent and Bill had served in the bishopric together). We lived in the same set of condos, and Trent and Bill were doing the same program in school. Katy and I were good friends. We both left BYU and aside from a few Christmas cards over the years haven't kept very well in touch. Once we moved here and saw them at church we have been trying to go out to dinner with them. Finally, after several scheduling conflicts and rescheduling attempts today was the day. We had a great time trying out a restaurant here in Southlake that is one of their favorites. "Gingerine" -- I thought it was delicious.

Here is my meal.

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Here is Trent's.

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I don't know why I didn't take pictures of us . . . and them??? Perhaps just overcome with the good food. I'll go back there again.

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