Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holy Hail!

Trent and I made it to bed by a little after midnight and we were looking forward to a good night sleep. Our kids have gotten to be so much better about sleeping in a little and so given that we had personally UN set all of their alarms felt confident that our morning wouldn't start to early. Ha!

The first thunder woke me a little after one am. And it was anything but little. It was loud. And then the hail started. It woke up everykid but Owen. The hail lasted about 15 minutes and then everyone was finally asleep when we got to repeat the whole thing at 2:30 am. And then at 3 am the pool alarm went off following a really close lightning? Then another wacky hail storm at 4:30 and the last one at 6:15.

No one slept last night. . . at least that's how it felt.

We all assembled on the stairs and the kids loved finding the hallways and rooms wrapped so that they could come downstairs but still not see what any of the presents were.



The tore through the paper and found some new bikes and outdoor toys, their stockings, and "just a few" other things under the tree for them.





We had a great morning. The fire was going. The hail had stopped and it was raining. And then right around noon the rain switched to snow and we had a white Christmas.




Unreal? In Texas? snow? I am still puzzled by it. It just shows that Dallas and Houston are not in the same climate zone!

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