Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Art projects

I finished my big art project today. I love it. As it goes, I was saving all the kid's art, but as we were moving and cleaning out, I decided they had to go. So, I took a photo of each piece not knowing before hand what I would do with the photos. Well, today I figured it out. I uploaded them all to photobucket and created a story. You can see it here. It works like an art gallery. The kids have looked at them all. I have looked at them all. Honestly, it is BETTER than saving the original art. And my kids are so cute and talented. They all want to be artists!!!!

Then Catherine had to do an art project for school. She has to bring a handmade gift to exchange at school for a project. The gift cannot be food. It cannot be from a kit. I sent her to pinterest to search for an idea and she found all the crayon wall art. So today we finished up her crayon project. It was fun and I love the results!

Thank you Pinterest. Catherine needed a craft that didn't come from a kit. She chose this.

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