Monday, December 26, 2011

The story of my stockings!

Way back in 1992 or 1993 my mom sewed our family new stockings. Then, when I got married in 1996 and she was expecting a new baby, she made 2 additional stockings -- one for Trent and one more for Tyler (who wasn't born yet).

After that Christmas she gave me our stockings and we have used them ever since. When Julianne was born, I had to make a new one for her. And then later for Catherine and Madelyn.

By the time Adam was born Shad was married and his wife Amy had sewed their family new stockings. I was desperate to not have to sew another stocking so I called Amy and asked if she still had Shad's old stocking -- she did! I asked her if I could have it- she said YES!!!! and all I had to do was take out Shad's name and cross stitch Adam's name.

Then Owen came along. I did not want to sew another one so I called Amber and asked her if she had made her family new stockings and she said YES! and I asked (more like begged) for her old one and she mailed it to me. Now this is Owen's 2nd Christmas and finally on the day AFTER Christmas I took the time to pull out Amber's name and put Owen's on! I love my stockings. I love that my mom made 4 of them (and I made 3 of them).

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