Friday, December 2, 2011

My Favorite Things Party

Last night was the "My Favorite Things" party. It was such a good time.

Here is a description of the party from our invite . . .

This party has 2 major components. First, the actual party -- where we socialize and share our favorite food dishes; And, second, the gift exchange. You do NOT have to participate in the gift exchange-- but it is really, really fun. For the gift exchange -- we will randomly assign you to a group of 7-9 women.

Your group assignment will be emailed to you on November 21 (9 days before the party). Your responsibility then is to bring each member of your group a gift-- one of your "favorite things" from the year. Each member of your group will be bringing you a gift as well. You will leave the party with a large bag of your group's favorite things.

So what is a "favorite thing"? Well it could be almost anything that you love. The more thought everyone puts into their favorite thing, the more fun it is to see what everyone loves. Some people will give with their time (handcrafting something special or baking a family favorite). Some people will give with their money (a new favorite book, CD, or "life changing" treasure). Some gifts will highlight talents, some gifts will teach you something new, some gifts will simplify your life, some gifts will taste delicious, some gifts will be just for you, some gifts will enrich your families -- ALL gifts will be loved and cherished.

The intent of the gifts is not extravagance, but enrichment; not opulence but simplicity; Think of the things that have improved your life this year -- a recipe, a song, a scarf, a place, a tip or trick, a tradition, a hobby, a skill, a talent and share that in your gift. All of the gifts from all the groups will be on display at the party for everyone to see and share.

What can I say?? the food was amazing, the gifts were so much fun. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!
Here is group 1 (8 women -- (one not pictured))

Group 2 (also a group of 8 but missing one)

Group 3-- 7 women -- 1 not pictured

Group 4 -- the first group with everyone there!!!!  They should have gotten an award!

Group 5 -- 7 women -- 3 not pictured

Group 6 -- 7 in the group 3 not pictured

Group 7 -- 7 in the group -- again 3 not pictured

Group 8 -- 6 in the group 1 not pictured
Some of those not pictured had already left the party, but this year we had a handful of people "phoning in" -- they sent their gifts and someone distributed them and then took their gifts home--
After this year, i kind of have mixed feelings about that . . . it takes away some of the fun by not being there to explain your favorite thing and connect with the group.   What do you think?
Also here are some of the favorite things . . .
scarves, candles, etched glass, chocolate, herbal teas, lotions, cleaning sprays, movie and popcorn, running gloves, jump rope, flowers (amarylis), fabric gift bags, ornaments, homemade tamales, cookies, books, traditions, trader joes favorites, running socks, homemade cards, tampon holders for your purse, a collection of local CT products (lip balm, chocolate, herbal tea), homemade bread, quilted table runner, olive oil and baguette, bath and body works stuff, a special kind of cleaning rag, an apron, seasoning blends, root touch up kit, chocolate in a display bowl, starbucks gift card, michael buble christmas CD, fleece boot liners, chinese take out boxes, hot chocolate from Paris, a micro-derm-abrasion soap, benefit make-up, a headband, homemade jam, homemade sauce, folding step stool, cookies in a jar, signing time DVD, polar straws, apples and dip, ring cleaning kit, soaps, the Lamb of God CD, cable drop cord thingies, bianka merkely CD . . .

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