Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is why I blog everyday now

When I flew out to visit my mom I was so excited to see her. I brought my camera. I planned on taking a few thousand photos of her and of me. And I did take a lot of photos. It's just that when I got home and looked at them all-- I had . . . 13 photos of my mom out of 400 taken. And they aren't even that great! That is it. 13. photos.

And then I started to search out all the photos of my mom on my computer and that is when I realized that she is missing in nearly all of them. Often it is because she was at my side helping me convice my children to smile for a photo. Often it was because we just simply hung out together all the time. I was shocked to see how many photos I had of Trent's parents-- because they lived out of town whenever they came to visit I made sure to get the camera out and take tons of pictures. But my mom lived right by me. Seeing her everyday was not viewed by me as such a "special occasion". So it took me a few weeks to really decide to change things from then on. To view every day as a special occasion. To value even the most mundane aspects of my life. To record them and blog about them and photograph them and recognize that each day truly is a gift. Each day is special. Each day has a lesson to be learned. And that you never know when the simple days could be gone forever.

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Andrea said...

Thank you for this. I needed this reminder. I have become horrible at getting my big, bulky camera out for the every day things. Thank you!