Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My new way to give myself a manicure

I usually don't have long fingernails. I usuallly don't paint them. But right now all of my fingernails are a nice length and they would look pretty painted-- but the reality is that whenever I take the time to paint them I lack the time needed to let them dry and they get ruined so fast. But not today. I bought a new polish at CVS and then put Owen in the car and buckled him in. Then put on my seatbelt. Then started the car. Then pointed the air vents at the steering wheel and then did a first coat of polish. Then I drove 15 minutes to Costco. By the time I got to Costco the first coat was dry enough to get Owen out and do my shopping. When I got back to the car I repeated the same steps and painted the second coat. Then I drove home. (20 minutes) It is seriously the best manicure I have ever had -- apparantly the 20 minutes in the car is the time when I have to use my hands the least!

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