Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday catch-up

I just have to write a little bit about Halloween -- it just never ended this year. With the crazy early snowstorm our town cancelled trick r treating the night of Halloween and moved it Nov 5. Which means that every day from the 29th (when we went to the trunk r treat) til the 5th felt like Halloween.

I nearly went crazy with all the candy and the kids being home from school. At one point I made all the kids bring their candy to the kitchen and told them they could pick their favorite 12 pieces and the rest was going into safekeeping. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THEIR REACTION!!! There is a youtube video going around showing a bunch of parents telling their kids that they ate all their candy and the kids cry and cry . . . well my kids were worse.

But we all managed a lot better with the candy under control.

By Nov 1st I was ready to move on. I even undecorated for Halloween and decorated for Thanksgiving.

Now Adam -- he was in Heaven with all this Halloween. He had been a mummy, ironman, and for Joy scholl he was a transformer.

But when it came time to going trick r treating last night -- even he was done. When I told him he needed to get his costume on he told me he was too tired and could he just go in his jeans and his blue shirt with the soccer ball on it. I was trying to explain how he had so many costumes to choose from, but he would have none of it. In the end he went as a "soccer player" and the only thing we did was add the black stripes under his eyes.


Catherine was a witch for this time around!

Then today Owen started walking!!!!

And a large tree branch fell in the yard and landed on our power wires

Thankfully even though the wire is down we still have power!

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