Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Family Time

Not every Sunday is filled with wonderful family time-- but this Sunday was. After Church the kids decided they wanted to make cookies. (They had been listening to the TV station playing Christmas music all day long and had seen pictures of Christmas decorated sugar cookies and so they wanted to make sugar cookies). So they made snickerdoodles.
They didn't read all the directions -- like when it says to mix cinnamon and sugar in a separate bowl to roll the balls of dough through -- they just poured it all right in the dough, but it still tasted good (and crunchy) and gave the dough a nice brown color.
 Instead of Christmas they did thanksgiving cutouts -- leaves, acorns, and turkeys. They did it all themselves. the mixing, the shaping, the baking, and yes even the CLEANUP! I tried to stay out of their way. I took these photos from outside looking in. (and our windows are not blue -- it's just that when I get the white balance correct for the inside of the house, the windows change to an eerie blue color.

In the meantime, Owen played on the piano.

Then (after getting the their PJ's) it was time to decorate them. 

And silly time for Owen!

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