Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How we spend our "snow days"

After all that snow, and all the trees down it was no surprise that we did not have school on Monday, Halloween.  So we improvised and made the day the best fun we could.  I had the kids get all in their costumes first thing (so I could make the silhouette picture) and we stayed that way ALL day!

At 1:30, we picked up our good friends and we went to our town hall where you could trick r treat from office to office. 

Despite being a little cold, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day!
Here we all are!
I thought walking around town hall was fun.  There were all sorts of old treasures everywhere.
Like I would have loved to spend some time looking at all these old maps.
Owen loves the view from up top.
Then we piled into the car and I couldn't resist snapping this view.  The town hall handed out candy and . . . kazoos.  Can you imagine the sound in this minivan as we drove to Stew Leonards?
You got a free ice cream cone if you came to Stew's in a costume.  I loved it -- it kept the kids entertained while I did the grocery shopping that I desperately needed to do. 
Then we went on Stew Leondards, Halloween Hayride.  The kids had a lot of fun!
When we arrived home I snapped this photo of our neighbor's tree.  It was literally chopped straight down the trunk in every direction by the weight of the snow!
That night Julianne went to a party and the kids watched Casper on TV.  Definately not your normal Halloween but still fun nonetheless. 
Today, we also did not have school.  So we went to Costco and Julianne had an eye appt, got new contacts, and new glasses, then we went to the high school for the lunch sponsered by the town.  All in all we are pretty lucky that we have electricity and that the trees did not do any major damage. 

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