Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Lazy River Pool

Today I was reminded just how big Houston really is. It may not have as many people as New York City, but the city itself stretches out into endless suburbia. I left my parent's home and drove to my sister Amber's house. She lives on the North of Houston (it is about 35 miles. Julianne had stayed the night with her and helped her with her 3 little girls. I picked up Julianne and then we drove to Katy (to our home there) and it is 46 miles door to door.

I met our tenants of 3 years there and our property manager and we did the final walkthrough. Our tenants loved the area so much they built a home right close by. They were spectacular tenants and took such good care of the house.

We have leased the house for another 2 years. So there is still a chance we could come back to it.

After all the driving I got Sonic for the kids for lunch and then we went and swam at the Lazy River pool. My kids had a blast. We were there almost by ourselves and we all enjoyed the slides and the memories of coming there so often 3 years ago.

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