Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy -- Zoo, Jam, party

We got up and immediately went to the zoo. It opens at 9 am and we got there just a few minutes after it opened. We have a membership to the Houston Zoo (which also gets us into most other zoos in the US -- except the Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zoo). And we have been to MANY zoos -- but I must say I LOVE THE HOUSTON ZOO! It is so nice -- it is IMHO better by far than any other. We hurried through and saw so much before it got too hot. By 11:30 we were headed back home. We took my brother with us as well. Here are my favorites of the day --

Then I took Julianne birthday shopping.

Then I went to the grocery store and got the stuff to make freezer jam.

Then I made 8 batches of freezer jam (4 of strawberry and 4 of raspberry)
Then I made a large pasta salad -- to take to a big swim team party for my brother Tyler's team (and also Shad and Amy's kids' team).

We went to the party -- swam and had fun. I love watching my kids swim, but not as much as I love watching them go off the diving board.

Even I got on the diving board today and tried a few tricks -- I (barely) did a 1 1/2. I did an inward dive. I did a reverse (or a gainer).

Trent even took a little video --

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