Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Funeral

It was a typical hot Houston July day and it was beautiful. So much support and love all in one room.

Here are me and all my siblings and their spouses at the chapel.

Here is my dad in the limo as we traveled to the cemetary. 

These are all my mother's siblings -- Tobi, Vicki, Tab, Terri, Tami, and Penny

Although they had a tent, it was cooler under the trees.  Baba was enduring the heat.

When it was over all the kids picked themselves a bouquet of flowers to remember the day.

Randy (my mom's lifelong friend going all the way back to high school) picked a large bouquet and then carefully hung them all to dry so that we would have them for a memento. 

For any of you interested, click on the links below to view, read or download the items from the funeral:

the funeral program

The Eulogy -- written by my dad about my mother's life -- and delivered at the funeral by my brother, Shad.

The Talk on my mother's faith and belief delivered by Tom Eccles. 

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Twins Squared said...

Jamie still thinking of you and your family. I have been reading all of your blogs and as heartbreaking as it is to read about the loss of your mom, your pictures have captured everything so beautifully! Everything looks just glorious - almost seems appropriate in a way - like symbolic of your mom now being in a more glorified state. I know she is smiling down on all of you. I didn't know her but have enjoyed getting to know her through all your posts.