Thursday, May 28, 2009

One thing I have saved

I have been cleaning out the storage room and finally came across something I wanted and knew was in there somewhere. It really is a crazy box filled with stuff that I just can't let go. Every thing in the box reminds me of what I am capable of. For example -- I saved all of my physics notes, homework, and tests. I thought physics was fun -- really, really hard, but fun. I love to look at it all and remember how hard I worked solving all those problems -- They were hard classes and I keep that stuff because I want to remember how hard I worked for those A's.

But the thing I have been looking for were these. My homemade flashcards from a Botany class -- At one point in my life I knew and could identify 200+ different trees and shrubs -- I knew their common names, scientific names, their families, and the key to identifying them all. And I could. I could see nearly any tree or plant and tell you the name of it -- and if I didn't know the name, I knew what family it belonged to.

And I loved doing it. Trent hated going on walks with me while I took this class. "Can't we just walk without having to identify everything????"

The sad thing is, we moved here and I knew that at some point in my life I could have figured out what all the plants were in our yard, but I just couldn't remember. I finally had the nature center come out and do it for me. (the boringest blog post ever) I was really bugged that I couldn't find the cards and do it myself.

But I found them. And the craziest thing . . . the more I looked at them, the more it all came back to me. . . like I was rediscovering this crazy place in my brain that I had forgotten was even there. And so I am back on my way to being a plant nerd.

I wouldn't recommend going on walks with me for a while.


Amber said...

I still have all my notes from pathophysiology and from Adult ICU nursing--easily my most challenging classes. And yet I loved them and felt so accomplished when I was done with them. I just can't bear the thought of parting with all of those notes and information :)
I guess we're related. And no, I don't want to go on a walk.

Carrie said...

Funny, I think I managed to part with my notes from undergrad but I have all my notes from PT school, well organized to boot. I am so sorry you found those flashcards after I moved out...alas I will somehow cope with the tragic loss of new information.

Kelli said...

I wish I was as smart as you all three are! (J, C and A) I have no notes. BUT, I am going to start prereq's asap (depending on Kylers status) and then RN school once Kimber starts 1st grade. I know thats 5 years down the road. I was going to do it when ryan and kyler got older but I had two more babies. hehe. Better late than never right. Then I will come back and post that I kept some notes on something other than english 101. hehe

beckbot said...

I hear you, Jamie! I have a whole bunch of stuff from grad school (most of it saved on a CD) that I just can't part with. Your cards are actually very pretty and would make a nice little book to browse through.

McKell and John said...

You are a nerd. But we love you anyway!!!!!