Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A silly argument

Adam (age 2) is really coming into his own when it comes to communicating with everyone. It really makes him seem so grown up.

Yesterday, while I was in the shower, Madelyn and Adam were standing outside the bathroom door not so patiently waiting for me to finish. This is the conversation/argument I overheard.

Madelyn : "Adam, you are the littlest so get behind me. I am the biggest."

Adam : "No, Mommy is the biggest."

Madelyn : "No, Daddy is the biggest."

Adam : "No, Mommy is the biggest!"

(I am thinking, No I am not!!!! Is this how you see me?????)

Madelyn : "No, Daddy is the biggest!"

(I am thinking, Thank you Madelyn for defending my size!)

Adam : "No, Mommy is the biggest!"

Madelyn : "No, Daddy is the biggest in our family!"

Adam : "but Daddy is on the choo choo, mommy is the biggest here!"

I started laughing. They were both right, they were just looking at different parameters. I was glad that Adam recognized that I was not bigger than Daddy. And I was glad he had the verbal skills to defend his position. Then I laughed, because isn't that how most arguments really are. Both people are right -- from their perspective.

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Carrie said...

Ok, that made me LOL. Cute kids. And yes, I am always right or wrong...