Sunday, May 24, 2009

Re-doing the bathroom

This was our powder bathroom. Pretty wild wallpaper. Without the aid of the camera's flash, the room is actually quite dark. I did not like it. So a few weeks ago while the owner was here he asked what I thought about the bathroom and commented that he did not care for it.

I sure hope he meant it -- because as soon as he said that I knew that the wall paper would be gone SOON~! I spent the week stripping the wallpaper -- (I should say right now, that I am not a huge fan of wallpaper -- it seems that it is so easily dated and very hard to update and refresh without major work. )

Underneath the wallpaper were lots of holes in the wall and this lovely paint color -- apparently this color must have been a favorite!

And here it is now!!!! We went with the same plain khaki color and swapped out the 80's polished brass light fixtures. (One funny thing -- when I got back from Sherwin Williams, Madelyn asked me if I got the paint. I said, yes and then she said, "did you get purple?" I laughed and said no -- she cried and asked what color I got? I said Khaki -- and she replied, "Khaki is so BORING!" But she likes it now, she has told me it is her favorite bathroom now!)
I am still looking for more wall art and a few more accessories, but this is so much better to work with!
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Andrea said...

Very nice! I love re-decorating/re-modeling projects. It turned out really nice. Good job!

Jennie said...

I LOVE it!! It looks amazing, Jamie. Too bad you don't live closer I would definitely put you to work at my house helping me figure out how to make it look better.

Kelli said...

I think theres something wrong with my colors in my head. I just dont see them right. So when I do things I end up not liking them as much.Others do things and I love them. Great job

Bushmwc said...

Looks nice! I agree with your theory on wallpaper--it gets dated so fast. Glad you are enjoying NY, tell the Thompsons "hi" for us.