Sunday, May 10, 2009

To the Mothers in my Life

My Mom-- I don't know where I would be today without you, but I know it wouldn't be where I am now. You have taught me everything. I often get asked, "How do you know how to do that?" And the answer is always, "My mom taught me." So here are some of the things you have taught me. . .
  • to make freezer jam (and lots and lots of it)
  • to can salsa (or better yet, watch you can it and take some home afterward for me)
  • to sew
  • to crochet
  • to cook
  • to organize recipes
  • to plan meals
  • to get dinner ready (all things at the same time)
  • to eat my vegetables
  • to teach my children to eat their vegetables
  • to tape important instructions on the cupboards
  • to swim
  • to teach swimming
  • to read (and to love reading)
  • to paint
  • to play the piano (I still am amazed at how much piano I knew, when we did not even have a piano!) (and for encouraging me all those long years when practicing wasn't my favorite thing and for paying for lessons even when you knew I had not practiced)
  • to dive
  • to play games (Rook, Pinochle, hearts, mormon bridge, mousetrap-- or whatever you call that game where we make our own mouse out of a napkin and string and roll the dice)
  • to do homework (which resulted ultimately in several degrees)
  • to do homework by myself (you were never the Mom who would do our work for us-- I always felt jipped, but now I know I really won and that the lessons I learned way back then often are the difference between me and others.)
  • to always make time for myself (not necessarily by myself, but always for my own interests -- You were always tole painting when we were little and we were always around -- I think this taught me that it was important for a mom to have her own interests, but they did not always mean you were away from your family -- I loved watching you develop your talents)
  • to use Dad's wood working tools (I may not be great at using them -- the drill press, the scroll saw, the table saw, the sander -- but I spent a lot of time with you finishing up projects using them)
  • to love children and to relish the opportunity to be a mother (I always knew you loved being our mom and I love knowing that even when much later in life than you thought you found yourself expecting again that you wholeheartedly returned to full time mothering)
  • to go without -- I know how much you went without (new clothes, new shoes, nice cars) so that we could have so much --
  • to be patient -- i don't know how you managed to be patient with me so much of the time, when looking back I know how really rotten I was to you -- but don't worry -- I have a child just like me -- what goes around really does come around
  • to try new things
  • to never say no to doing, learning, and trying new things
  • to serve and plan to serve
  • to be scheduled and organized
  • to not be so organized that you can't be spontaneous
  • to never let a beautiful day go by unappreciated
  • to love your husband (even if sometimes the things he does drives you crazy)
  • to not be idle -- you are the busiest person I know
  • to be kind
  • to make do with what you have
  • to be happy

I love you Mommy!

My Mother-in-law-- She hates the term "in law" but for organization sake I have to use it -- maybe I should start calling her, "My mother, who I did not have until I got married" or "My Mom, who was also coincidentally Trent's mom, and "no, I am not from Arkansas!"

I have learned so much from you also, here are some of them

  • how to truly, keep a busy house full of children (she had 7) clean . . . all the time
  • how to eat Sunday dinner on china
  • how important it is to be ready and willing to go back to work full time if the circumstances need it
  • how to quilt -- my mom taught me to sew, but only when you started making all the wedding quilts did I ever learn to piece a quilt top.
  • how to cook -- lots and lots of food -- Over the years I watched as the Sunday dinner blossomed from 9 each week to well over 20 and you kept up with it all
  • how to make frog eye salad, one of my personal favorites
  • how to love children's literature
  • how to treasure heirlooms -- I was probably the only one sad when you got a new temple dress -- I loved seeing you in your wedding dress. I would always close my eyes and try to imagine what you must have looked like way back then (but not too "way back when" since you are only 21 years old)
  • how to love your husband (even if sometimes the things he does drives you crazy)
  • to not be idle (you are tied for the busiest person I know)
  • to love your children even when they are hard to love

Between these 2 women-- they have 12 children (5 and 7 respectively), 11 high school diplomas, 11 bachelor's degrees, 6 graduate degrees, 10 marriages, 16 grandchildren (so far), and so much more (and one still in Junior high).

They are proof that being a responsible, nurturing, caring mother can change the world far more than any single career move or occupation.

My Baba (my Dad's mother) -- who I love to talk to on the phone who inspires me to read more, learn more, learn about politics, get involved locally, learn new things (how many 80+ year old women can skype, email, and serve a family history mission helping people learn new technology)
My Granny (my Mom's mother) -- I miss you. I loved how you entertained. I loved that you were always so beautiful. I loved that you bowled and played golf and shot guns. You were always so much fun to be around. I loved your cooking and I loved hearing about your life. I loved Rancho veyo.
Grandma White (Trent's mother's mother) -- I have loved getting to know you through the years. I love hearing about the books you are reading. I love looking through your scrapbooks with you and hearing about your travels. I love the influence you have had on my husband's life.
My Sisters-- I learn so much each day as we are journeying through life together. I love being with you both. I love seeing and hearing about all Carrie is up to and I love watching Amber become a mom. You are always there to support and help me! Thanks! I love you!
My Sisters in law -- I have loved watching as each of you have grown up, graduated, gotten married or not, and had kids, or not. I love seeing your homes all decorated and watching you raise your families. I learn so much from each of you and your examples.
My Friends -- I miss so many of you and appreciate all the influence you have been on me. I love all my new friends. I love having peers who are going through the same trials and challenges and who remember how truly challenging the day to day grind can be. I hope I can be there for each of you like you have been for me!


Marci said...

Both of your mothers sound amazing and you are amazing for actually learning so many of the things they taught you. My mom has taught me quite a few things during my life that I didn't pay enough attention to really learn to do on my own and now regret.

Candy H said...

What a beautiful post, I don't know why I was blessed to have the best kids around. You are truly my friend and daughter whom I love and miss. Thank goodness phoning is free and we can talk as often as we want.
Love ya

Valerie: said...

Loved your brought me to tears. I love all the women and mother's in my life and don't know where I would be without them! You are a wonderful mother and often admire you cheerful you always seem to be despite the bitter moments that sometimes come with being a mother. Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!

Amy said...

What a great tribute to your mothers. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing! I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Sandra said...

Dearest Jamie,
Days have passed since checking up on your blog - I always am lifted when I read about you and your adventures. I was so touched to be thought of as another mother in your life. You have lifted my heart and soul - however I see all those most lovely attributes centered in you as you emulate motherhood in some of the best ways. Thank you for being a daughter in the truest sense to someone who loves and admires you completely. You are a blessing, a daughter sent from heaven to be with our family. We love you more than words can say!
Your other mom - Sandi