Friday, June 5, 2009

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Witch of Blackbird Pond The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

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This book was like finding a kindred spirit. The main character has come to Connecticut from Barbados and finds all about New England to be a little crazy. The story is set in 1687. The author's note at the end says ". . . [these men:] and the freemen's struggle to preserve their charter is known to every schoolchild in Connecticut."

Well, it was not known at all to me a "schoolgirl" raised in Texas. So I found the history interesting as well as the fictional story relating some of the problems -- witch hunts, puritans, quakers, and rigid religious beliefs. Maybe as my children have to study Connecticut history I will learn "what all schoolchildren know."

But the real enjoyment of the book was just reading about someone else discovering 4 seasons for the first time. Barbados and Houston must be very similar (the character describes barbados as hot, humid, and always green, the air thick -- sounds just like Houston to me!)

So this was my favorite quote in the book

"All at once Kit was aware that this New England, which had shown her the miracle of autumn and the white wonder of snow, had a new secret in store. This time it was a subtle promise, a tantalizing hint of beauty still withheld, a beckoning to her spirit to follow she knew not where. She had forgotten that summer would come again, that the green would spread over the frozen fields, that the earth would be turned up to the sun and the seed sown, and that the meadows would renew themselves. Was this what strengthened these New Englanders to endure the winter, the knowledge that summer's return would be all the richer for the waiting?"

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Allison said...

I love that you put your review on your blog. I love historical fiction- this one sounds good. It is nice when you can find a book that relates to your life. I should start looking for mine in the mental health section-lol

The Nixon Family said...

Hey There-
You totally need to frame your botany flash cards. They are beautiful and look better than antique prints. I am going to be in NYC June 21-15. If you are bored and want to leave the kids for a day come on down to visit! Or bring em all. John will be working and I will be seeing the sights with my cousin Taylor and little Elsie!

Keri said...

Love that quote!!!
That is exactly how I feel about the winters in CT by about March. I am the 1st one to by the pansies at Stew Lenords and have to bring my urns and winddowboxes IN THE HOUES to get them to defrost in order to plant that is anxious! :)
Cute pix of all your happenening with the kids. What program is that again?