Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where are the shoes?

My sweet, sweet children had a babysitter tonight. When I got home, Julianne, Catherine and Adam were asleep. Only Madelyn was awake. I thanked the babysitter, paid her, and walked her to the door. She looked around the doorway for her shoes and then she said, "Oh, maybe I left them over here. . . " She started looking. I started looking. Madelyn started looking. After 10 minutes I went in and tried to wake up Julianne and Catherine to ask them if they knew where her shoes were. They were impossible to arouse. We kept looking and looking and looking. Finally, the babysitter yelled, "I found them." I came running to see where . . .

inside a lower kitchen cabinet in the back, inside a pan!

Which one of those girls is responsible for this???????

This is becoming a new trend in babysitting. First, they hid one of our babysitter's hats and thought they were so clever, but now shoes???? What's a Mom to do!

(last minute edit -- Catherine did it!)

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