Thursday, October 11, 2007


My sister, Amber, is about to have her first baby. She is due on Halloween. It's a girl. She is getting everything ready. You can read about it on her blog. My Mom and I got together today and pieced the top of the quilt.

Here it is . . . I think it looks great. My mom chose all the fabrics, and the colors match her crib bedding that she made. I chose the quilt pattern. This is one of my favorites. . . probably because it brought back good memories. The first time I made this quilt I was married, living at Montera Condos in Provo, and I made it with 2 friends who were expecting their first babies -- Kathy (whose blog I just found) and Sarah (who ought to get a blog). They were each making quilts for their cribs. . . and as I have mentioned before, I will do pretty much anything as long as I have friends to do it with.

Here is a photo of a photo of that first one I made. (that is why the flash is reflecting back at us so glaringly). I gave it to another friend Stacie, who was having her first baby. It really is a fun quilt. Putting it together is a lot like putting a puzzle together and quilting it is fun because the quilting crosses through the middle of each square- That gives it a neat texture.

I liked the quilt so much that I decided to make another one, this time using only cream fabric. The only problem with that one is that Trent took one look at it and stated that it looked like the quilted lining of a coffin. For a long time, we would take one look at the quilt and laugh. We swore it would never be used by any future child of ours. But, well . . . sentiments change and it now resides at the foot of Madelyn's bed, folded nicely and looks great there. (I will have you all know, that no one ever has told me it reminds them of a casket) (but then again, if they thought it, I don't think they would tell me).

As I was looking over quilt patterns, I was remembering how much I enjoy quilting. Technically, I most enjoy piecing a quilt-- seeing how all the colors come together. And I wondered why don't I quilt more often????

Well, after spending the day quilting let me give you a few reasons. . .
1. Kids
2. Kids
3. Kids with scissors (Madelyn only cut 3 of our important pieces and only a small amount of Adam's hair, which she assured me did not hurt him at all)
4. Messes (which are the result of them letting you sew -- all they do while you sew is make messes and then you get to clean up for quite a while afterwards)
5. Because you can't get it all done in 1 day

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Amber said...

Oooh it looks so good! I'm excited. Way to ruin the surprise though :).
Once I heard Trent say your white one looked like a casket, I agreed but it is still cute on the bed for Madelyn.
By the way I have no idea what feed you're talking about for my blog, I'll have to call you and get the scoop. Love you!

Kathy said...

That brought back great memories! I often think of you as I change my monthly quilted calendar we made too. Remember how swollen I was and had horrible carpal tunnel, but we pushed forward and finished those blasted things for mothers day. Those were the days, when, even when pain were present, no kids were making havoc of our crafting! I haven't made another quilt like that or another calendar. Maybe I better move to Houston so I have a partner in crime!

Andrea said...

looks great! I am actually taking a "block-a-month" quilting class. It is pretty fun. Very detailed, but I'm learning. Quilting really can be fun though! I want to see the finished product when you're done.