Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today, we had dinner at a friend's home. It was delicious. After dinner the girls wanted some of the Halloween candy that was in bowls throughout the house. They each had a couple. I wasn't really aware how many they had, none of them seemed to be eating a ton or anything. We said goodnight and went on our way home. The big girls on scooters, Madelyn on a trike, and Adam in his little car. Everyone went upstairs for bath time. Julianne suddenly called to me urgently. "Mom there is chocolate on the carpet." I ran upstairs and sure enough chocolate was on the carpet. I start looking around and soon find one of Catherine's crocs with chocolate . . . but the chocolate was on the inside!!! I found Catherine who was hiding and embarrassed and asked her what happened. She said, she snuck an extra candy before we left and hid it (unwrapped) in her shoe. She then rode the scooter home, ran up to her room to eat it only to find it melted all over her toes and the inside of her shoe. YUCK! We cleaned it all up, she has said sorry and vowed not to be sneaky anymore, and tomorrow she has to say sorry to our friend.

What will that girl think of next???

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Amy said...

That was pretty clever. I was wondering why she didn't come to ask for a bag of skittles. She was probably busy hiding the chocolate. Sorry for the mess!