Monday, October 22, 2007

Camping with Mom (and Granny)

My mother's stake holds an annual Mother/Daughter Campout. For several years they held it at Camp Liahona (the church's property near Cleveland TX). I remember going there in 2002 (when my Mom slept in a slab and me and the 2 girls slept in her van). In 2003, we went and again slept in the van. In 2004 we went (and Madelyn was only 7 weeks old and everyone thought I was crazy). In 2005, they moved it to a "campground" called Almost Heaven. It is in Manvel TX and very, very close to my Mom's house (about a 20 minute drive). I was excited to go to it with her, but for some reason she

could not come. So I went with the 3 girls by myself. I borrowed their springbar tent (and even remembered how to set it up all by myself!) The girls and I had a great time. We were really looking forward to 2006 -- but then it rained and rained and the campground was underwater. . . seriously and literally underwater. So we had a sleepover at Granny's house instead.

These pictures are from that 2005 campout. The girls look so little!!!

But now here in 2007, we were blessed with the best weather ever! And Granny could come too! (it is a good thing, as I do not live in that stake anymore!). Amy (my sister-in-law) and her 2 kids also came along with about 7 other women and their girls. (I never said this was a well attended event -- ). After doing it all by myself in 2005, this year was a breeze! My Mom did all the food!!!! How nice is that??? I didn't so much as bring one edible item . . . and do you know how much time and energy that saved!!!!!! So thank you, thank you, thank you Mom, you are the best!!!!! But then to top it off, when I arrived at the campground, my tent
was already set up!!!!! Combine that with the stunning weather and I am telling you, I could camp every day (ok , every other day, because I would miss my shower).
So, there is a picture of the tent me and the kiddos slept in (or the tent where Madelyn and Catherine slept and Adam cried and Julianne announced she had to go to the bathroom repeatedly throughout the night.).
Here is most of the gang. Granny, Hailey, Catherine, Julianne, Zach, 2 friends, and Madelyn.

Here is Adam. He loved every minute (when it was sunny and time to be awake!)

See his cute face peeking over my shoulder!!!

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