Monday, October 22, 2007

The fun of bike riding

I took my camera on our bike ride the other day. (Riding a bike and taking photos at the same time is not for the faint hearted!) We have finally come into our beautiful weather here! It makes riding bikes an absolute joy!

Here is Catherine, looking back (and thankfully not crashing into anything).

And Julianne, looking back. . .
Aren't those girls cute???

And here is what I see when I look back. Does life get any sweeter than this??? I doubt it. My life is one big irony. I fluctuate between wanting them to grow up and wanting them to stay small. It is hard to always try and appreciate each day with my little angels, but I try my best.

(As a side note, a friend of ours was bike riding pulling a trailer with her 2 girls and looked back to tell them to stop quarrelling and she crashed into a pole, and broke her leg and elbow and had to have surgery. . . so my days of riding and looking back and taking photos all at the same time are over!)

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