Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday recovery and run (wait . . . isn't it usually the other way around?)

We got home from Houston late Saturday night and quickly got the kids in their beds and the car unloaded. It seems we came home with more than when we left. We brought home germs, coughs, colds, and a whole slew of new medications.

You know it's been a rough trip if you come home with all these new things!  3/5 kids sick.  Cough, cough!

Trent took the older two girls to church and I stayed home with the sickos. Madelyn, Adam, and Owen and their coughing chorus.

Trent and I are still in training mode for our upcoming half marathon and unfortunately did not manage to fit in our longest training run on either Thanksgiving, the Friday after, or Saturday. I don't know why????? But that meant we got to run today. The weather was nice and honestly I was looking forward to 2 hours or so to get lost in my own thoughts. So I headed out on my 11 mile run around 1 pm. Trent and I take turns on these long runs and then whoever is not running acts as runner support bringing drinks to eachother about every three miles. We track each other on the iphone so we know where to meet up. I felt pretty good. Twice during my run my runkeeper app shut down. This has never happened before. I ran until it said I hit 11 miles and then came in and plotted my route on google maps. Turns out I actually ran 12.25 miles. I guess I am ready for the half marathon!!!!

Trent then headed out running and he said he felt so good that he went ahead and did the full 13.1. I think maybe after all that family togetherness (coughing, holding sick kids all night) that maybe neither of us wanted to stop running and come home!!!!

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