Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It just doesn't get more tech savvy than this


He loves it. He knows how to do EVERYTHING on it. My guess is he could out perform most 60 plus year olds.

It is seriously amazing. Today I couldn't find my iphone. I asked Owen. He shook his head no. I went to the computer to use Find my iphone to send a sound to be played on it. I heard one beep then nothing. I thought that is weird. I sent a sound again. I heard just one beep and then nothing. Usually it beeps until you find it. I did it a 3rd time and same thing. Then I found Owen and asked a little more sternly, "Do you have my iphone?" He pulls it from under the pillow.

That little stinker. He was turning off the sound after only one beep and then hiding it to pretend he didn't have it.

And he is only 2. What are we in for?????

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