Monday, November 26, 2012

Decorating . . . it gets easier every year

My kids LOVE decorating for the holidays. They are so anxious and excited and happy to do it. This year I gave them the go ahead and I did not go in the attic. I did not locate the 8 boxes. I did not carry a single box out of the attic. I did not unload a single box. I did not place any Christmas decoration anywhere. (although I have rearranged a few). And just like that . . . the halls are decked.

Now just to be clear I still had to remind them 8 billion times to carry the empty boxes back into the attic. I had to remind them to shut the attic door at least as many times. They're good kids, but they are still kids!!!

Halls?  Decked.  One tree to go.

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