Saturday, September 22, 2012

The fall festival

Amber and I took all of the kids to the fall festival at the elementary school. We got there a little early, which was a very good thing. We got good parking. We were the first people through the doors. And we were the second people in line for balloons. And the balloons were really amazing but each one took several minutes. Within a few minutes of getting in line for the balloons the line wrapped all the way down the hallway. Then we got in line for facepainting and while waiting in line the keepsake their dinner which was pizza. And we scored it so that we got to watch Adam and Madelyn do their dances while waiting in line.
Then we headed out to all the inflatable's. There was one long line and we all took turns waiting in that while the kids ran to all of the other ones and got their fair share of the fun.
Tag teaming the fall festivals at elementary schools is definitely the only way to go. I'm so glad Amber was in town. It made it a lot of fun.

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