Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 3 in China -- The luncheon and Bear Grylls

All of us left the tea house and headed to the Summit wing hotel for a lunch hosted by the executives' spouses. It was a lot of courses, and very interesting. Here are some of my photos of the meal.


These were just the flowers on the table; I thought they were pretty.

Here is the menu

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These were the "cold" items-- salted pork gelatin, mushroom / spinach thingy, a shrimp thing, and a duck thing. I tried them all -- didn't love any of them, but they were palatable.


This was mushrooms, baked chicken (mostly skin), and a mushroom pepper garnish which was delicious.
These were morels, mushrooms, lily bulbs, lotus roots, and a bunch more things I didn't know.

This was mango juice, with vanilla icecream, with mint and tapioca.

After lunch I changed clothes and met Trent in the conference foyer where they had chefs preparing these dumplings. Fortunately I still had some room in my tummy because these dumplings were delicious!



Then we all went in to listen to the day's keynote address. Today it was Bear Grylls from Discovery channels Man vs. Wild. He spoke about summiting Mt. Everest. It made me reconfirm that climbing Mt. Everest is not nor ever will be on my to do list.


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