Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pool Progress

After waiting 13 days we finally got all the permits needed to gunnite the pool. The inspector first told us we needed an "earth disturbance" permit for the lot next door. Then 5 days later he told us we needed to install tree protection on the trees on the lot next door (the same trees that are going to be cut down to build a house). And then yesterday the inspector showed us and this time informed me that our erosion control was not adequate on the lot next door (that our gravel that had been brought in was 1/2 inch too small of a diameter on average). This would have delayed the gunite an additional 4-5 days. It was then that I had had enough.

I told him off. big. time. I took a photo of his three citations on my iphone and asked for his bosses email. I told him I was emailing them as proof of his ineptness and his bureaucratic bullcrap. What kind of an inspector informs you of problems in 5 day intervals unless he is just trying to pull your chain and be the biggest pain in the butt ever. Shockingly he went over and got rid of the erosion control one and so we were able to do the gunite today.

I'm still so mad about the whole thing. But the pool is looking more and more like a pool!

The pool starts to take shape!

Another update

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