Saturday, April 21, 2012

Julianne at Bat

This Saturday was filled with 7 games. I coached 3 of them. I spent from 9 am - 5 pm at the sporting fields (and my arms have the sunburn to prove it). The kids were there in shifts-- Madelyn and I started up at the fields and then Trent brought all the other kids up around 12:30 -- (Madelyn had softball from 9-11 and then her soccer game started at noon). So everyone caught the end of her soccer game -- then Julianne had her softball game at 1:00. (her soccer game was also at 1:00 but she chose softball this week)

At 2:00 Catherine and Adam had their soccer games.

And at 3:00 Julianne had her second softball game of the day.

By 3:30 Trent took everyone but Julianne home and I stayed with her until her game was finished up.

It was a beautiful day and it felt great to be outside all day!

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