Saturday, April 14, 2012

The first Saturday of the Season

Started bright and early.  The three girls and I had to be at the middle school for softball team pictures by 8 am.  I had to be there a little early since I am the commisioner for 2 age divisions as well as a coach for Madelyn's team.

I didn't snag an informal picture of Catherine's team (she is on the Riptide and is blue also) or Julianne's team (she is on the Juggernauts and is lime green), but I did grab these two of Madelyn's team.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

We finished up photos by 9:45 and then stopped at Dunkin donuts for a dozen donuts to take home and share with the boys.

At eleven, Trent took both he and Adam in for haircuts, which were desperately needed.

And then at 12:30 it all became a blur.

Both Julianne and Madelyn had soccer games at 1:00.  I coach Madelyn's soccer team.  They were at least on adjacent fields so I could glance over to see Julianne every now and then.

At 2:00 Both Catherine and Adam had soccer games.  And Julianne was rushing over to her softball game (that had started at 1:30) but she was late to due to soccer.  I coach Adam's soccer team.

At 3:00, Catherine was done, but Adam's league rules have them practice for 45 minutes and then play for 45 minutes so she and Madelyn waited with me while Adam finished his game.  Trent was across the park at the softball diamond with Owen cheering on Julianne.

Both Adam and Julianne finished at 3:30.

5 games in 2 1/2 hours.

We all celebrated by going grocery shopping at Costco.  (not really a celebration, but a necessity if we want to eat this week!)

Then Trent and I met some friends for a date night!!!!  We went to Shake Shack and then played games.  Adam insisted on us texting him a photo of us on our date!

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We will all sleep well tonight!

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