Friday, November 14, 2008

Where oh where have I been?

My Mom came in town and we were just too busy to take pictures or blog! We had a lot of fun in 5 days. We went to Boston and visited my sister Carrie (we were rear-ended and since then I have spent a lot of time getting the car fixed).

Catherine fell at school and got a 1/2 inch star shaped wound in the middle of her forehead, but thanks to the plastic surgeon it will now be a nice straight line scar across her forehead. This picture is before the stitch up job, while waiting for the plastic surgeon to arrive. I will post more later . . . She can't take her bandages off until Tuesday. She stayed home from school today (although I think she was just feeling embarassed about the head bandages)

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Allison said...

She is even cute with a big bandage on her head. Hey, read my post on your silent auction.

Kelli said...

I wish I could have seen the star shape. That sounds better and more unique than a line. hehe. Hugs for her

erica said...

Hey, Bryan had a star shaped gaping hole on his forehead once. Actually the star shaped scar is still there. I guess his parents should have requested the plastic surgeon.