Saturday, November 1, 2008


Our first Halloween in New England!

Halloween is a big day here. The school had a Halloween costume parade and party. In Texas, we might have a party, but no costumes at school so this was a lot of fun for the kids. The weather was really nice. Our neighbor said to me, "I don't think you can appreciate how warm it is this year on Halloween -- most years it is not like this, everyone is all bundled up and miserably cold!" I replied, "I don't think you can appreciate how cold it is this year on Halloween to us-- the kids might actually keep their costumes on -- as they often got too hot to wear them!"

We trick or treated to our 5 closest neighbors (it took an hour-- as kids walk slow and the houses are far apart and we visited with each neighbor a little) and then we drove into town to one street that had houses closer together. The street was packed! One house ran out of candy and commented that they thought they would have had enough since they bought 15 large bags.

The kids did not last too long. As soon as the sun was down it was dark (no street lights here) so it was hard to see and maneuver (no sidewalks here). And even though the high yesterday was 50, once the sun was down the temperature quickly dropped and the kids were all cold.

But we have plenty of candy (especially since I bought 4 bags) and we had only 2 trick'r'treaters at our house.

Hope you all had a happy Halloween too!


The Nixon Family said...

so cute. i love the nancy drew idea. not like t or t in katy, huh? still fun for the kids! hope work is slowing down for trent.

Carrie said...

They are adorable! People here were talking about how warm it was too. It is all relative...glad y'all had fun. Love you.

Amy said...

The kids look so cute!

Kelli said...

very cute!

Bertie said...

Fun! I think cold makes it seem more Halloweeny:) i love the Nancy Drew costume!!:)