Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow. . . finally

This morning it finally happened. The moment all my kids have been eagerly awaiting. There were snow flurries when they awoke and a light dusting on the ground (read -- EXTREMELY LIGHT DUSTING) -- but it was enough for them. They were so excited. Catherine wanted to make a snowman -- I laughed. There is certainly not enough snow collectively in the entire town put together to make even one good sized snowball let alone a whole snowman. Although with Catherine's recent infatuation with Calvin and Hobbes combined with her artistic flair, I too, can't wait until she can make a snowman-- I just hope the neighbor's don't think we are crazy. Here is her favorite snowman calvin and hobbes cartoon.

I just love having kids. It might as well have been Christmas this morning they were so excited and it does rub off on me. (which I needed as the idea of trudging in the snow with 4 kids is not exactly my idea of the best time ever) But to be able to do it with their exciting faces made it sound like a lot of fun!

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Carrie said...

And just think Jamie, they will look so cute in head to toe coats, pants, boots, etc. I am having visions of a Christmas Story. We did not get even a dusting here in Boston, but it was sure cold, i m hoping the cold and wetness don't choose to combine any time soon. Gotta love kids, can't wait to see you guys. Love ya.