Tuesday, November 25, 2008

8 things TAG

8 Shows I Watch: (not in any favorite order)
1. The Biggest Loser
2. Amazing Race
3. Psych
4. Monk
5. The Office
6. Max & Ruby
7. Hannah Montana
8. Dora

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. Took a shower
2. Did laundry
3. Made breakfast, lunch and dinner
4. Designed some images to be made into custom stamps
5. played with the kids
6. Had Family night
7. watched amazing race on the dvr
8. Dishes

8 Places I like to Eat!: (not in any favorite order)
1. Churrasco's -- in Houston
2. Scott's -- San Franscisco
3. Sweet Tomatoes
4. Pappasitos - Houston
5. Pappadeaux - Houston
6. Taco Bell
7. Chick-fil-a
8. Anywhere

8 Things I Look Forward to: (not in any favorite order)
1. Thanksgiving
2. Christmas
3. Seeing Family
4. Warm weather
5. Swimming
6. Reading good books
7. Craft time -- with friends not kids
8. Eating icecream

8 Things on my Wish List:(not in any favorite order)
1. Adobe CS3
2. Boots
3. A vinyl cutter
4. A long arm quilting machine
5. An embroidery machine
6. New teflon skillets
7. A juice pitcher from pampered chef
8. Martha Stewart new cooking school cookbook

I tag -- whoever reads this -- (yes, you!) leave a comment here if you do it, so I can for sure see what you said!


Kelli said...

I love learning new things about each other. Great list. I missed some of them on my list like max and ruby, dora, spongebob, scriptures, fhe, prayer, funny, when I had to think I couldnt but when I read others, I see alot that I should have put on mine. hehe. Thanks for playing

Jennie said...

So who is your vote to win the Amazing Race?? We got hooked on this show because of you and Trent!

Wendy said...

Kelli tagged me so you can go looking there. I'm so glad my boys are done with the cartoons and I get to watch grown-up shows.

Sonia said...

I love these kinds of lists. For one, it gives me ideas of things I need to put on my wish list, like the cookbook,lol! Anyways, I posted my 8 things on my blog. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!