Monday, November 24, 2008

Car Wash Follow up

We brought in the hoses and they started thawing and Trent headed out to Norwalk to a car wash. He returned an hour and a half later and finding the hoses thawed decided to wash the mini-van here. He did not want to do the drive and he did not really like the car wash place (when you have always done it yourself, you do get a little picky).

Besides, it was 27 now and practically summer. So he started washing. He should have clued in when he kept having to knock off the little icicles forming along the bottom of the car, but he persevered and washed and dried it and it was only as he went to pull it in the garage that he looked around and noticed the large ice skating rink he had created right there in our own driveway. The soap suds and everything froze so that it looked like an ice rink, with a fresh dusting of snow!

And so let me remind all of you . . . Water turns to ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

We only knew it in theory until Saturday, but now we know it in practice.


Kelli said...

I am so excited to live through all your new experences. hehe. Who knew or maybe what would it be like to always have warm weather. hehe. I can promise you, you will NEVER find someone washing their car in the rain or cold weather here. Since it rains alot, we have dirty cars. Way to go Trent. Bravo to him

Wendy said...

I love learning from your experiences.