Monday, May 12, 2008

Swim Team starts again

Swim team has started again. We had hoped Madelyn could do it this year, but they would only take kids that would be 4 by June 1st. And so she has to wait. Here is Catherine after practice (see those goggle circles around her eyes?)
Here is Julianne after her practice. This is their 3rd year of swim team together and the first year where they are not in the same age group. Julianne is in the 7/8 year old group, while Catherine is still in the 6&under age group.

As for Madelyn, Adam and I, we try to stay cool. I bring a blanket and "fun things" to do and there is a park right by the pool for us to play. It can sometimes be a long hour and 15 minutes, but we manage somehow!
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Kelli said...

I can imagine how long it can be some days. Take care