Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Morning Announcements

Today, we all went up to the school early. Julianne was one of the announcer's on the morning announcements. Here is Catherine headed off to class.

Julianne reported to the computer lab (AKA "news studio").

Here she is reporting. . . (Don't ask me what her co-anchor is doing???)

Adam took the opportunity while in the computer lab to catch up on some emails and get a jump on his workday. Madelyn really wanted to do the announcements herself. She is giving me the "please, please, please, smile".
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Kelli said...

Your kids are all looking SO darn grown up. Where does time go?

Sonia said...

That is soo cool! You have such cute kids! I never realized how much Madelyn looks like Cathrine until now! They have the exact same smile!!!