Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Morning

On Memorial day we headed out to our neighborhood pool in the morning to enjoy the water before it got too hot (and also just in case it rained in the afternoon -- like it has every Memorial day for 9 years). Adam loved swimming but also loved getting wrapped up in his towel!!!Madelyn was cute with her towel too! Here is Catherine giving her sweet and innocent smile!Followed by the "REAL" smile that has 1 part fun, 1 part prank, and 1 part humor all wrapped up in one. . . (Can you see that in her smile, or is it just me?)And then we have Julianne, growing up, growing tall, losing teeth, and having fun!
And last of all Trent -- the reluctant participant in my photographic forays. Thank goodness for telephoto lenses so I can get a photo or two from a distance! He sure has lots of fun with our kids. We LOVE holidays!!!!

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The Nixon Family said...

way to update. and yes, i can see the little look in catherine's smile!