Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Art night at the Elementary

This evening has so much potential. The art teachers put on display throughout the whole school the children's artwork.

 It feels like a museum and the kids love finding their art and showing it to all of us.

 Two years ago that is all that it was. You could be in and out in 20 minutes.

 But then they added the music performances.

 Ugh. . .

 I know I should have a better attitude. I mean what kind of a mother hates their children's Elementary school music programs????

 Me. Yes, me. I hate them.

 And today I had to attend the 2nd grade one at 6:10 (that lasted 35 minutes) and then wander the hallways until the 4th grade program started at 7:20 and finally concluded at 8:15. 2 hours sitting in the school. Did I mention it was hotter than H??? How it can be 50 degrees outside and 120 degrees inside is beyond me, but it was miserable sitting in the auditorium.

 I still did love seeing the kids' artwork.







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carrie said...

What kind of mother hates their kid's music performances? um.. me too. The crowds, noise, chaos, and hot rooms are enough to drive me to the crazy house! I think we live parallel lives in many aspects. I can't wait for summer for a lot of reasons but 1 being that I don't have to pack school lunches anymore. Yay!! I'm dreading next year when we'll add 1 more child to the lunch mix. I'm right along w/ you on Flat Stanley too. Seriously, do I look like I need another project to keep track of? Loved your photo shop idea w/ him though. I enjoy reading your blog- keepin' life real.