Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Rest of Nana and Grandpa's visit

We made it to church on Sunday after our extremely late night and were grateful to sit back and relax all afternoon. We had a nice dinner. Trent made cookies (like he does every Sunday) and we rested.

The main bulk of our fun was now over. Trent started work at the FASB that Monday, July 12. It was fun to have him home in the morning and eat breakfast together. (his commute is now 15 minutes!!!!!)

As for the kids, Nana & Grandpa, and me . . . we kept ourselves busy. We went shopping on Monday, to the New Canaan Nature Center on Tuesday morning, and then while I went to several doctors appointments on Tuesday afternoon, Nana and Grandpa took the kids to a train museum. On Wednesday we went bowling. Wednesday late afternoon we drove to Trent's work where Nana and Grandpa got in his car and they headed back to the airport. We had such a fun visit!!!!

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